Misconceptions about translation

"#10 – Paying promptly for the services of a plumber/lawyer/doctor is a must. However, the translator doesn’t mind waiting indefinitely for payment.
#09 – Anybody with two years of high school language (or a foreign tongued grandmother) can translate.
#08 – A good translator doesn’t need a dictionary.
#07 – There’s no difference between translation and interpretation.
#06 – Translators don’t mind working nights and weekends at no extra charge.
#05 – Translators don’t need to understand what they’re translating.
#04 – A good translator doesn’t need proofing or editing.
#03 – Translation is just typing in a foreign language.
#02 – A translator costs $49.95 at Radio Shack and runs on two AA batteries.
And the Top #01 misconception about translation and translators is:
The document that took a team of 20 people two months to put together can be translated overnight by one person and still retain the same impact as the original."

(Source: Lisa G. Siegel-Cruz in Translation Blog. I already posted them some time ago, but in Italian, here