Freelance En-It med/vet translator, (Zen) minimalist enough, (horse♞less) rider, Laghée Inside(TM)
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I write mainly in Italian. I have an English blog on Tumblr, but it's constantly under development, sorry :) There are many other blogging colleagues, out there, that write about translation and freelancing; as you can see here, though, apart from some posts (labeled Traduzione, Inglese italianato, Italiacan translations, Lavoro), this blog was born with different ideas in mind...

Having a life-long passion about horses, under the label Cavalli I collect emotions, ideas, infos, and sometimes also rants about the bad Italian translations of English horse-riding books ;-)

Privacy Policy: I don't use cookies, I ate them all. I won't even ask you neither the recipe of your grandma's apple pie, nor the size of the Stubben saddle you use for dressage, nor your secret for eternal life (ahem, well, maybe I'd be curious about that one :))

~Be who you are and say what you feel, because people who mind don't matter, and people who matter don't mind.~