Caffeina ed emicrania

Ovvero, quando salti un caffè e ti viene mal di testa (mai successo, non ne salto di caffè io LOL):
Il Doc dice:
"caffeine can be both a migraneur’s friend and enemy. Many migraine medicines include caffeine for an important reason. It can help stop migraine and amplifies the pain power of analgesics. However, drinking about two cups of coffee a day is enough to become addicted to caffeine. Caffeine withdrawal occurs about twelve hours after the last dose of caffeine and can trigger a migraine. This is often seen in patients who only drink caffeine in the morning and awaken with daily headaches. While other considerations for such headaches must be thought of at the doctor’s visit, a frequent culprit is the caffeine. If caffeine is spaced over the day (e.g., morning lunch, dinner), these headaches often disappear."