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ONCOLOGY• Blocking Cell Adaptation May Enhance Leukemia Therapy
“The combination of a tyrosine kinase inhibitor … with inhibitors of autophagy resulted in near complete elimination of phenotypically and functionally defined chronic myelogenous leukemia stem cells,” the authors concluded.”

Statins Cut Stroke Risk by One-Fifth in Meta-Analysis

“HOUSTON, April 14 — The cell-killing potential of imatinib (Gleevec) increased by 50% to 75% when chloroquine was combined with the tyrosine kinase inhibitor, laboratory studies showed.”
“WHEELING, W.Va., April 14 — Anticholesterol statin drugs appear to reduce the risk of first and recurrent strokes significantly, a large meta-analysis showed. Incidence of all strokes was reduced 18% (95% CI 13% to 23%) among more than 165,000 participants in 24 major randomized trials of statin-based regimens, Pierre Amarenco, M.D., and Julien Labreuche of Paris-Diderot University in Paris, reported in the May issue of Lancet Neurology.”