Day 2 with the Mustangs

"In the evening, after a dozen horses had received their lessons and three new burros had been gentled, we went out to the Salt Lake Wild Horse and Burro Facility where some of the BLM's herd of horses is held for adoption. The manager gave us the full tour of the place, and then took us into a couple of the pens WITH the horses. The mustangs are separated by age and gender. The young males were kind of curious as we walked through their pasture, but the 2 and 3 year old females immediately surged toward us. I watched one of the trainers as the horses surrounded him, and he didn't have enough hands to give all the scratches and pets to everyone who wanted them. I tried to take pictures, but pretty soon I had four horses around me wanting attention. I had to keep reminding myself, these are wild animals. Easily spooked, but they were accepting us on their terms so long as we didn't act like predators. I didn't want to leave them, and they seemed to feel the same way, because about 60 of them followed us down the hill to the gate. If they had decided to rush the gate, it would have been interesting, but the handlers steered them off. We saw a few mares with new foals, having been brought off the range already pregnant, and 15 more burros."
Day 2 with the mustangs, Anton Torrence